Numerical optimization of single-mode fiber-coupled single-photon sources based on semiconductor quantum dots

Lucas Bremer, Carlos Jimenez, Simon Thiele, Ksenia Weber, Tobias Huber, Sven Rodt, Alois Herkommer, Sven Burger, Sven Höfling, Harald Giessen, Stephan Reitzenstein
Opt. Express 30, 15913-15928 (2022)

We perform extended numerical studies to maximize the overall photon coupling efficiency of fiber-coupled quantum dot single-photon sources emitting in the near-infrared and telecom regime. Using the finite element method, we optimize the photon extraction and fiber-coupling efficiency of quantum dot single-photon sources based on micromesas, microlenses, circular Bragg grating cavities and micropillars. The numerical simulations which consider the entire system consisting of the quantum dot source itself, the coupling lens, and the single-mode fiber yield overall photon coupling efficiencies of up to 83%. Our work provides objectified comparability of different fiber-coupled single-photon sources and proposes optimized geometries for the realization of practical and highly efficient quantum dot single-photon sources.