Quantum Interference of Identical Photons from Remote Quantum Dots

Liang Zhai, Giang N. Nguyen, Clemens Spinnler, Julian Ritzmann, Matthias C.Löbl, Andreas D. Wieck, Arne Ludwig, Alisa Javadi, Richard J. Warburton
Nat. Nanotechnol. (2022)

Photonic quantum technology provides a viable route to quantum communication, quantum simulation, and quantum information processing. Recent progress has seen the realisation of boson sampling using 20 single-photons and quantum key distribution over hundreds of kilometres. Scaling the complexity requires photonic architectures containing a large number of single photons, multiple photon-sources and photon-counters. Semiconductor quantum dots are bright and fast sources of coherent single-photons. For applications, a significant roadblock is the poor quantum coherence upon interfering single photons created by independent quantum dots. Here, we demonstrate two-photon interference with near-unity visibility using photons from remote quantum dots. Exploiting the quantum interference, we demonstrate a photonic controlled-not circuit and a high-fidelity entanglement between photons of different origins. Our results provide a long-awaited solution to the challenge of creating coherent single-photons in a scalable way. In the near future, they point to a demonstration of quantum advantage using quantum-dot single photons and an implementation of device-independent quantum key distribution.