All-optical Tuning of Indistinguishable Single-Photons Generated in Three-level Quantum Systems

Łukasz Dusanowski, Chris Gustin, Stephen Hughes, Christian Schneider, and Sven Höfling
Nano Lett. 2022, 22, 9, 3562–3568

Resonance fluorescence of two-level quantum systems has emerged as a powerful tool in quantum information processing. Extension of this approach to higher-level systems provides new opportunities for quantum optics applications. Here we introduce an all-optical tuning functionality into a well-established resonance fluorescence coherent driving scheme. We accomplish this by resonant excitation of a three-level ladder system with two laser fields utilizing Autler–Townes and ac Stark effects. We propose theoretically and demonstrate experimentally the feasibility of this approach toward all-optical spectral tuning of quantum-dot-based single-photon sources and investigate photon indistinguishability and purity levels. Our tuning technique allows for fast optical control of the quantum emitter spectrum which paves the way toward temporal and spectral shaping of the single photons, formation of topological Floquet states, or generation of high-dimensional frequency-encoded quantum states of light.